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Reach for a Dream – A Special Day


On the 4th April 2006, Robbie, Margaret, Wally Jnr. and I had the privilege of hosting a Museum outing for terminally ill children, suffering from various forms of cancer. The party consisted of seven kids, three student psychologists, a qualified nursing sister and a lady who gave her time freely and acted as a chauffeur to the kids.

Margaret Fulton acted as hostess to the sister who informed Margaret there were many other children in various hospitals, who due to the severity of their illnesses could not attend.

After supplying the visitors with chips and coke (one child opted for a cup of tea), from the Friends stock at our clubhouse, we took them on their tour. Cheerfulness reigned and questions flowed. The oldest kid (about eleven) was very impressed by the model aircraft made of wire and promised to make one for the Friends. However we did not hold out much hope of receiving it, as Margaret informed us, most of the kids present probably only had a few months left to live.

Robby and Wally acted as photographers and Wally gave the entire party a guided tour of the mirage F1CZ in hangar 2. (Some of the staff, being rather substantial, were a tight fit.)



After the tour we took them to the Coffee Shop where Sandy provided everyone (us too) with hot dogs and fruit juice. 

Robby and Wally donated five rand to each child and to my surprise they bought more chips. When I asked them why, they informed me that the chips were for the children back at the hospitals who could not attend. When one considers the fact that these kids had been abandoned by their parents, their unselfishness brings a lump to the throat.

Prior to leaving the Coffee Shop the children gave us a song with much clapping and laughing – Beautiful!

Unfortunately there was a glitch when Aliceson’s  mini bus would not start, Robby and Wally came to the rescue and jumper started her vehicle and got them on their way.


These kids were exceptionally well behaved and the four of us really considered the experience a privilege!

 We hope they have more tours.

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