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Restoration of ‘Ferret” Mk1/1 Armoured Scout Car (BDP 360 M)

Friends of the SAAF Museum – Pretoria Branch 

 This vehicle was delivered to the friends at the end of July 2005 for restoration. Although some engine parts were missing, it was decided that we should try and restore the vehicle to running condition as a first choice. If the missing parts proved to be too difficult to obtain, the second option would be a cosmetic restoration.

The Ferret Armoured Scout Car Mk1/1 is turretless, 3 man ( Commander, Gunner and Driver)  reconnaissance vehicle which was built by the Daimler Company of Coventry, England during the early 1950’s. Production continued until 1971 with 4400 being produced, many of which were exported. Many variations exist but the Mk1/1 was the standard unit ‘Car, scout, 4x4, liaison, Ferret, Mk1’ with thicker side and rear hull plates (up to 16 mm) which were incorporated during manufacture.   

This ‘permanent 4 wheel drive’ vehicle is powered by a 6 cylinder 4.25 litre Rolls Royce engine which drives via a 5 speed (forward and reverse) pre-select gearbox giving a maximum road speed of approx 90 kph. 

This vehicle had been standing in the open for a considerable time which had resulted in the decay of interior wiring and the severe rusting of the stowage boxes. Many of the catches and flaps were rusted solid. Undaunted, we have progressed to beginning work on the rusted storage containers and have refurbished and recovered the drivers seat.


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