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The friend's CD

New Release now available !
Visit the Friends Clubhouse to purchase your copy or you can 
contact us here for more information

The making of friends 's CD  

Great Ideas come from others, the problem is that these ideas are just ideas and someone has to put these ideas to work. This is how the FRIENDS CD came about.

I was on duty at the Museum when a visitor asked if there was a pamphlet or something which he could take home with him. I thought to myself "Why not make a CD?"

BAD Idea.

I then made a call to Willie Burger as I knew that he had made a magazine "The Visible Past" and instead of re-inventing the wheel why not just expand on it. After a few e-mails I now had in my possession an electronic copy of Willie's book. To just dump this on a CD would not suffice so I went about taking photo's at the Museum. With lighting problems in the Hall and the Hangars I had to call in some professional help to get the missing aircraft.

When actually getting down to designing some layouts I realized that for first I would have to stick to facts and figures if I intended to release anything by September. After many hours of cutting and pasting and sorting out fonts, so that others could see what I was seeing, and bearing in mind that no two computers are exactly the same, and also because of all the different versions of WINDOWS, I came up with two versions: One for Windows XP and another for the other versions. To put some body onto the CD (Text takes little to no place when you have 600 odd megabytes to fill) I thought of adding video clips. Now to get hold of some!!! Thanks to PASSION and approaching the right person I found a pretty good source, but once again bear in mind that modern technology has not always been around, I had to find a way of converting Video from tape to a format suitable for the computer. Thanks again to modern technology; I was able to do just this.

What I have done up to now, I feel, is at least marketable, and I foresee that this CD has much potential and may even become a best-seller at the Museum.

Here's a Sneak peek: The photos have been shrunk but the original size is 800 x 600

Feel free to click on any of the thumbnails below to view a larger image.

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