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The project grew out of a requirement for an auditorium type facility at the SAAF Museum.  The junior members had been spending time on the cinema hall, cleaning it and painting the walls.  The hall is situated in the film and photographic building complex.  The first time the hall was used, was in April 1998, when it was used as a dining hall for the competitors and officials taking part in the radio controlled scale aircraft championships. 

In 2000, the Museum management, together with the Friends management, decided to restore the hall and turn it into an auditorium.  It was a co operative effort, with the Museum and the Friends sharing the costs and workload.

In early 2000, work started.  The construction work was done on Saturdays, by a full time crew of 4 Friends, with more members helping, when required. The wood was purchased by the Friends, while the Museum staff cut it to size.  Work commenced until mid 2003, when the floor was completed. The Museum supplied carpeting and the seating, while the Friends supplied the paint and PA system.

The hall was completed to its current state in mid 2004.


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